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In diesem Blog schreiben neben conzept 16-Entwicklern auch unsere Kunden und Projektpartner. Haben auch Sie Interesse, einen Gastbeitrag zu verfassen? Melden Sie sich gern bei uns – wir werden Sie begeistert unterstützen.

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CalDAV – Implementation in conzept 16

As announced in article CalDAV – Der Weg zum Kalender, we have developed a module for exchanging calendar data between an external calendar and a

The character set in datasets

The character set used in data sets also plays a role in the storage of character strings. The conzept 16 character set, which was described

Emails with conzept 16 (Part 2)

In article E-Mails mit CONZEPT 16, I explained how you can create, format and send emails. However, I have not gone into some of the

Emails with conzept 16 (Part 1)

conzept 16 offers the possibility to send e-mails directly from the application. There are many use cases for this: Be it a feedback function for

Zeichnen von komplexen Oberflächenobjekten | conzept 16 by vectorsoft

Drawing complex surface objects

Interactive surface objects Since the last update of the Canvas object it is possible to draw simple geometric shapes like lines, circles or rectangles. These

Newly presented

Integrate web content in desktop applications

In addition to a classic desktop application, current application systems also offer their users the option of accessing the system’s web content via a browser.

Newly presented


With the next release, conzept 16 supports the latest version – namely 2.1 – of the ZUGFeRD specification. ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische

Newly presented

conzept 16 C++ interface

With the DLL interface and the external programming interface, conzept 16 already offers options for implementing conzept 16 applications partially or even completely in other

Newly presented

Electronic signature

There are many business processes at the end of which created documents must be signed. To do this, a document is printed out, signed, scanned


A different take on database settings

Many users are happy when the system is installed and works true to the motto: “Never change a running system”. Settings that refer to systems


Planned extensions in the debugger

The debugger is an integral tool in the development of software. In order to provide our conzept 16 developers with even more support in this

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