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Make your ideas real

Easy Software development

Our two components 'vector' AND 'soft'

The vector moves unflinchingly and straightforward through space, whereas 'soft' adapts its shape harmoniously to the required tasks. This is the way vectorsoft works purposefully and smart.

Low-Code with vectorsoft

Visual elements instead of programme code. Developers only needed for complex tasks, saving you a lot of money.

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Where to meet us

On Thursday, 11.th of July  we will be at the
STARTUPS x HESSENMETALL networking event in Frankfurt and also at the Start-up BW Summit 2024 in Stuttgart.

Meet us in Frankfurt or here in Stuttgart:

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vectorsoft Cloud

More and more companies are focusing on better IT security. When hosting conzept 16 applications, you get the appropriate infrastructure to go with it.


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Over 40 years of software development from Heusenstamm near Frankfurt am Main

Software development and databases are our core competencies, our history and our future.


Our long lasting customer relationships are evidence for our successful cooperations. We are happy about plenty of positive reviews on Capterra

Our customers software solutions based on conzept 16 are being used worldwide – in some cases for decades. Around 65,000 clients are currently in place.

Innovation Power

Knowing what our customers will need tomorrow

Customer-oriented implementations and enhancements are the focus of our passion. In addition to the existing conzept 16 solution, yeet is an innovative platform for low-code developers.

"We love strategic product development!"


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We speed up your business

Develop faster through visual programming

The journey from ideation to realisation is greatly shortened by using prototyping. This method of software development is visual programming.

Flexible in the implementation of special customer requirements

No long waiting for your wishes to be implemented.

Solution orientation comes before profit maximization

Customers and cooperations shape our products

Your wishes and requirements enable us to ideally and continuously develop our software solutions. We are always open to optimisation. This philosophy leads to our positive customer relations as well.

Support from IT experts

Highly qualified, responsive, German-speaking

At vectorsoft, you have direct and fast contact to competent IT specialists.

30 years of compatibility

The longevity of our development platform is your investment protection

vectorsoft develops uniquely, robust and sustainably. Always being downward compatible is guaranteed.

Software development and operation under one roof

vectorsoft is your reliable partner in both disciplines

Offer your customers a contemporary cloud service including conzept 16 Enterprise Edition without having to build it up yourself. Start without delays: Our applications are installed and available in the vectorsoft cloud.


...successfully develop custom-fit applications and industry solutions

We attend to software houses, IT departments, programmers and startups.


...is best suited for this

From senior developer, database specialist, C++ to Javascript nerd … whether trainee, working student or young professional. We all work in one direction – yours: “Make your ideas real”.

Customer testimonials

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"Our successful industry solution now also available in the vectorsoft Cloud."Bekim Saiti, Owner ASP Informatik AG, Switzerland
Industry solutions for recruitment, temporary administration and accounting
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With conzept 16, we develop various efficient and innovative software solutions that also satisfy customers as a cloud solution now.
„conzept 16 has been the basis of our company's success for decades. Together with yeet, the ideal foundation of our successful Marvin software is also guaranteed in the future.“Bernd Ratzel, Owner Goecom GmbH & Co. KG
Solution: Waren- und Kostenmanagement für Bäckereien und Metzgereien
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In recent years, many bakeries have more than doubled the number of their branches through mergers or acquisitions. Such growth rates can only be realised with a powerful software and development platform.
„Vectorsoft offers us the ideal tool for software development, enabling us to implement market requirements in the shortest possible time.“Ulrich Berbüsse, Owner EDV Service Berbüsse
Solution: Industry software for steel trade & steel service centre
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During the development of our Stahl-Control solution, we were able to quickly create the design of our software. In addition, the high-performance database provides us with all the features that allow our customers stable and secure 24/7 operation.
„With vectorsoft, the required investment protection is guaranteed.“Thomas Sauter, CEO Sauter + Held GmbH
Solution: Merchandise Management + ERP in the Furniture Trade
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The continuous development line of the vectorsoft platform offers us a very significant additional value. Due to the complete downward compatibility, no time-consuming adaptations of our application are necessary. This allows us to ensure that our current applications are always compatible.
„We see the maintenance-free nature of vectorsoft database solutions as a major competitive advantage."Hans Ewald, CEO NTS Apollo GmbH
Solution: Production Planning and Control System APOLLO PPS/ERP
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Even without administrative effort, the performance of the database - and thus our PPS/ERP system - remains stable at a high level. Our customers appreciate this.
„We see the speed of bringing new application features to the market, as a major competitive advantage.“ Thomas Rach, CEO NTS Apollo GmbH
Solution: Production planning and control system APOLLO PPS/ERP
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A new module for financial accounting was integrated into our industry-independent PPS/ERP solution in a very short time. This strengthened our market position.
„The company vectorsoft has always been available for any questions or customer requirements."Bertwin Hoffmann, CEO ASL Angewandte Software-Lösungen GmbH
Solution: Solution: Standard software for the commercial sector
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We have been developing on the basis of conzept 16 for more than 25 years. vectorsoft has always been at our disposal for all questions and customer requirements and has implemented extensions at short notice on several occasions.
„We have very good contact with vectorsoft. In case of queries or problems, the manufacturer is always there to support us.“Ralf Janeck, CEO GSL Gesellschaft für Systemlösungen GmbH
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What we particularly appreciate about conzept 16 is the easy handling of the entire system during development. We can completely concentrate on the application development.

Our commitment to sustainability

Green-IT by vectorsoft

Sustainable resources start down on the lawn with the ecological robotic mower and end with the photovoltaic system on our roof.

Green-IT bei vectorsoft in Heusenstamm

Against plastic waste in the world's oceans

We contribute to the environment and support the organization OceanCare in the protection of our oceans.


Comfort in Heusenstamm

Our “green oasis” is directly fed by groundwater.

Green-IT bei vectorsoft in Heusenstamm

A strong network in the SME sector empowers vectorsoft


 Excellent quality, stability and reliability guaranteed by the “Software Made in Germany” label.


Our partnership with the BMVW gives us access to a first-class network, important resources and pioneering developments in the SME industry.

Meet us at these regional events.


We are proud to be part of the europewide IT cluster Silicon Valley Europe, which stands for maximum visibility and targeted promotion of its members. Through our membership, we benefit from first-class networking events and increase our presence in the market.


Our training courses, certificates and the communication of best practices have always been very well appreciated by our customers. We still prefer personal exchanges in Heusenstamm.

Research and teaching: To set the right course for the future, we supervise working students and trainees.

vectorsoft promotes your growth

Time-to-market accelerated multiple times

Benefit from sustainability and innovative power

We strengthen your competitiveness

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