Integrate web content in desktop applications

Chromium-Logo In addition to a classic desktop application, current application systems also offer their users the option of accessing the system’s web content via a browser. In order to achieve the most consistent user experience possible, it makes sense to integrate this web content directly into the desktop application without users having to open a browser. With the upcoming release of conzept 16, the range of interface objects will be expanded to include an object for displaying web content: the Chromium object.

The Chromium object replaces the existing WebNavigator object. The WebNavigator object uses the Internet Explorer browser integrated into the Windows operating system. Back in March 2015, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue the development of Internet Explorer. In September 2020, Internet Explorer only had a market share of just over 4% in Germany.
It therefore makes sense to provide a modern successor.

The Chromium object is based on the open-source Chromium project with the same name, which in turn forms the basis for Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome had the largest market share in Germany in September 2020 with just under 48%.

The Chromium project will be integrated into conzept 16 via the Chromium Embedded Framework. Further technical details, especially in comparison to the WebNavigator object, will be published in connection with the planned release 5.9 of conzept 16 at the beginning of the new year.


The provision of the Chromium object offers the opportunity to switch to the latest browser technology in your application, which will become necessary due to the end-of-life of Internet Explorer. This fulfills another promise of our Roadmap 2020/21.

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