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The vectorsoft cloud for your customers

An offer for our software partners

Powerful platform

Works regardless of the end device and its operating systems, wether on smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop PC. Ideal for hybrid work models in home office, remote work or presence in the company.

The cloud solution for conzept 16 applications

Offer your customers top applications including the infrastructure. Our powerful cloud solution including conzept 16 makes it possible.

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Get going with conzept 16

Innovative service offering

"Offer your customers a contemporary cloud service without having to build it yourself."

Lowering barriers in system design

In the event of a lengthy procurement process and system set-up at your customer's premises, you can convince with a precisely tailored delivery in the shortest possible time from a single supplier.

Customer loyalty and increased sales

Attractive conditions are competitive and bring additional turnover.

Why vectorsoft Cloud?

Currently trending: home office

With vectorsoft solutions, your company is always up to date. Your conzept 16 application is always ready on our cloud. And you, your employees and your customers can enjoy the new mobility.

Hard to access customer systems?

Reduce your operating costs through centralised support instead of heterogeneous on-premises solutions.

Your customers are not proficient in server operation?

Offer a higher level of service with the vectorsoft cloud.

Error messages from your applications run void?

Avoid data overflow at your end customers, preventing it with continuous cloud monitoring.

Fits into your portfolio: GREEN IT

Our data centre is powered by solar energy

Small steps or big leaps: vectorsoft solutions are scalable

The number of users and data volume (per customer system) can be flexibly increased or cancelled.

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Application Hosting Service bundles the use of hardware and software

The vectorsoft solution contains:

Full version of conzept 16 Enterprise

TSplus (Terminal Service Plus = Remote Access Software) for access via Internet Browser or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

Windows operating system (virtualised)

Personal support from our developers

vectorsoft Cloud means:

One convinient price - everything included

Required licences included, RAM and CPU “grow” automatically with the number of users

Not enough memory? Book storage at the touch of a button

Spare your customer from fixed-step operating costs. Or even worse: server hardware at its limit? A server move is unpleasant.

Impress your customers

Best conzept 16 performance...

High-speed computing power for your applications will amaze your customers. All components are perfectly adjusted to each other.

Security of vital customer data

Daily backup functions of the cloud prevent data loss

Hosting in Germany

With the server located in Germany and the European data protection guidelines, you are on the safe side.

Rely on vectorsoft

For you, this means: high security standards and reliable accessibility, including personal support from experts with many years of experience.

What makes the vectorsoft Cloud special
Your questions - our expertise

Question 1: How do I access my application in the cloud?

Answer: Access is possible via RDP or web browser.

Access via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) requires IPv6 support on the client side. However, this should no longer be a problem nowadays. Microsoft provides a corresponding RDP client for the operating systems MacOS and Android. Under Linux, there are a number of free clients that are based on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol.”

Question 2: Can I print documents from the cloud?

Answer: Yes, depending on how you access it (see question 1).

“When working via a web browser, a print job must be converted to PDF and transferred to the client via download, for example. The PDF document is then displayed via the integrated PDF reader of the respective browser. At this point, the user can output the document to any local printer and, of course, save it if required.

If an RPD client is used, the print job can be sent directly from the cloud to a local printer. This requires the additional installation of the TSplus “Virtual Printer” component on the server and local client. This can be conveniently added as an option to our cloud service.”

Question 3: Can I send mails from the cloud?

Answer: Yes, sending mails is not a problem.

“Sending mail from your application is generally possible. The operation of a standalone mail server is not supported in the vectorsoft Cloud.”

Question 4: What is the vectorsoft Cloud best suited for?

Answer: It is ideal for standalone, remote or mobile applications.

Further questions - more answers...

Your benefit: You achieve

better sales opportunities

more new customers

Increase in revenue

I am interested in the vectorsoft cloud

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