Evolution at vectorsoft: The creation of yeet

The history of vectorsoft begins in 1984, when the founders Andrej Mücke and Edwin Heinecke had the idea for a development platform. They were looking for a tool that would enable others to develop applications themselves. This is how our product “conzept 16” was born, which quickly established itself and was installed over 60,000 times in less than 20 years. Since then, our mission has been to make software development simple and fast and to enable an optimal user experience (UX). For our customers, this means faster time-to-market and reduced costs.

From traditional brand to trending brand

The year 2019 marked a decisive turning point for vectorsoft when Dr. Markus Pilz took over as CEO. The company needed a fresh new image. This included a new CI, as well as new perspectives, particularly on the topic of sustainability and a modern way of working. Up to this point, the company had been characterised by a single concept – conzept 16. Although conzept 16 was popular with existing customers due to its high efficiency, there was a lack of interest from potential new customers.

Innovation and research

In a time characterised by rapid change, we have now found the answer to the needs of today and tomorrow: yeet. The idea of a low-code platform with the clear aim of ensuring faster, more intuitive and simpler handling. yeet promises not only cost reductions, but also an even more efficient use of resources and the associated considerable time savings.

In the talenta research project, vectorsoft is working together with concedra and Constructor University Bremen to improve transparency and efficiency in the planning and operation of transport infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail networks, etc.) using digital twins.

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport BMDV is also participating in this innovative project via the mFUND funding program. The low-code platform yeet and a specific form of artificial intelligence, “Explainable AI”, are used to make the decisions of a machine learning model transparent and comprehensible. The project is intended to benefit SMEs in particular through the digitalisation of transport infrastructure and have a positive impact on the mobility of the future.

You can find out more about the talenta research project here.

UX design is our passion

The creation of yeet was a captivating process that focused on usability and user experience (UUX). Our goal is to make our low-code platform easy, fast and above all intuitive to use. We have worked hard to create software that can be used effortlessly even by new users. To achieve this, we mainly focused on ISO 9241 – the benchmark for UX design.

Our team followed a user-centered approach and continuously integrated feedback, which we again gained from the last test series. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all test participants, as well as Sabine Linhorst and her team at Reducse for their expertise. The result is a user interface that has been deliberately designed to be simple and clear in order to ensure smooth interaction.
We have put a lot of research spirit and passion into the user experience. Not least in collaboration with the Competence Center Usability and the University of Kaiserslautern.

Going forward, we will continue to put ourselves in our users’ shoes and are always open to new feedback from you – all to ensure that our platform remains accessible and that you can implement your ideas effortlessly. Our journey doesn’t stop here – it has only just begun, and we are excited to explore new horizons with you and shape the future of software development.


Historic milestones achieved

“With the creation of yeet, an ambitious project has been realized. We are proud of this, because innovation secures our future,” says Dr. Markus Pilz, CEO of vectorsoft.

„Many thanks to the vectorsoft team, all partners and supporters“.


yeet successfully launched – what does that mean for you?

So now you know that yeet enables you to create fast, flexible and user-friendly applications. You can also work efficiently with our intuitive functions and tools and successfully implement your projects. You can start right away and it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose.

Build your full business application now, whether you:

  • want to create an innovative app for your business idea as a startup,
  • are a manufacturer yourself and develop standard software for further sale to your end customers
  • or carry out software projects on behalf of your customer and develop customized software.

The tool is already in your hands, so get started!

yeet is all you need

We would like to invite you to experience the future of software development. We would be happy to demonstrate the simplicity of yeet to you in an individual appointment. Learn all about yeet in our brochure or keep up to date with our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn. Take your development visions to the next level, true to our motto: MAKE YOUR IDEAS REAL!






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