New version of the vectorsoft web service

In the blog post Erweiterung des vectorsoft-Webservice we presented innovations to the vectorsoft web service.

Additional functions have now been added to the service. As part of this, the existing interface has also been adapted to meet current security requirements. However, in order to be able to continue using the web service in the future, a few minor adjustments must also be made on your part.

  • Version number
    The version number has been changed from 1 to 2. The version number that is supposed to be used in each case is the first component of the respective path. For example, becomes
  • Changed login / logout
    So that the login data is not transferred in the URL of the request, the login and logout request was changed from the HTTP method GET to PUT. The user data is transferred in the JSON format of the HTTP body when logging in. An example of this can be found in the documentation under .
  • Extended license information
    When querying the license information, the date of termination (if already terminated) or the earliest possible end date (termination on…) of the software maintenance is also determined for licenses with software maintenance.
  • Set additional information for licenses
    You can now use the web service to set your own additional information for licenses (customer / print customer on invoice / note). This was previously only possible in the customer center. An PUT request an<Lizenznummer> is also sent for this purpose. This means that this data does not have to be entered manually in the customer center after ordering a license. It is sufficient to set the data in your own license management, which then sends it to the web service.
  • Determine support tickets
    It is now also possible to retrieve reported support tickets, including the current status. This means that this item can also be displayed in your internal system without having to look in the customer center.
Important note at the end

The previous version 1 of the web service interface will be switched off on the 19th of November.

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