yeet goes live!

preview of the networking app in yeet

The grand appearance – the first app created by yeet at the Airport Networking in Frankfurt.

The Airport Networking is an event that takes place monthly in Frankfurt am Main with up to 100 participants. Since the beginning of this year, vectorsoft has also been a regular participant in this event. The aim is to network with others from different industries, but in order to orientate oneself among the participants and to find the right discussion partner, until now only a paper list of participants was handed out.

When Kay Lied visited vectorsoft, we presented our new low-code platform yeet and its potential for digitalisation. The added value of a digital participant list was discovered and the idea for an app based on yeet was born.

Kay Lied gave vectorsoft the opportunity to jointly develop an app and present it as a pilot application at the events. For this purpose, vectorsoft recorded the requirements and desired functions, which essentially included a “search and offer” function for matchmaking and the download of the list for personal follow-up. We implemented these with yeet in a first version. The “networking app” is provided on the vectorsoft cloud and can be reused and easily extended for future events.

On wednesday the 18th of october, yeet finally made its first big appearance at the Airport Networking. Access to the networking app was made possible via a web link. This allowed participants to create their personal profile during the event, which, in addition to the standard attributes such as first name, last name, company and position, could be supplemented with additional optional information such as “I’m looking for” and “I’m offering” and immediately shared with others.

The app also allows the personal LinkedIn link to be shared with other participants in the app and the participant lists to be downloaded directly. With this, the personal wishes of the organiser have been implemented and a very big step towards real networking has been taken. For the organiser, a separate administrator function developed for him was made available to check in the participants in the app. This made it possible to get a view of the participants who were actually present at the event at any time.

Kay Lied sees great potential in low-code apps:
“From vectorsoft I heard the term “low-code” for the first time and understood that low-code is a method of fast development of digital applications where programming is done visually, which makes it much faster to use processes digitally and access data. Because the participants of the network meetings wanted a digital list of participants in addition to a paper list, it was obvious to use yeet as a low-code platform for this.”

Also our management was delighted:

“The GoLive of yeet was a complete success, the app worked completely smoothly and was well received. Together with our pitch, the benefits of yeet as a low-code platform could be vividly presented and experienced live.” – Dr. Markus Pilz

We are looking forward to the response to the new electronic participant list and the suggestions for its further development that are sure to follow.


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